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2 years ago

Dealing with Pets in your Garden

Dealing with Pets in your Garden

Are you finding it hard to establish a clear cut line between where you have to save your landscaping Perth garden from your pet and your pet from your landscape? Then this is the place for you to be. No pet likes to be cooped up in doors. No home owner wants their pet pooping indoors. So making your landscape safe for your pet is not a hassle, but a win- win situation.


First things first; be very aware of plants and flowers that are toxic to pets. Yes, you’d be surprised as to how many pretty garden plants that we grow can be fatal to a pet’s life. Never ever leave any metal edged or bladed gardening equipment in reach of your pets. Be mindful that an animal is like an infant in its oral stage, anything they see growing on the ground, goes right in to their mouths. Therefore if your landscape contains any artificial plants or grasses, do away with them, they are not worth risking your pet’s life and is therefore a minute sacrifice to make.


It is essential for one to know that compromises on your preferences and landscape garden design, and your irrigation perth criteria are a must when landscaping with pets on board. Therefore you should let bygones be bygones and animals be animals and settle for establishing a harmonious setting for them both.